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Grounds Maintenance

Our grounds are a special place for wildlife, from orchids to glow-worms, from dormice to woodpeckers to slow-worms. For many years we have managed them with a deliberately light touch, carefully done so as to favour bio-diversity. Part of our 7 acres are a locally listed Site of Nature Conservation Interest.

Mart Tebbs is our volunteer groundsman and has wide knowledge of birds, insects and much more. He is now looking for someone to work alongside him and gradually to take over his role. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has the enthusiasm and the stamina to care for this magical habitat over the coming years.

How and when to cut the meadows so that wildflowers can set their seeds; when to clean out the bird-boxes; how to protect the rare wasp spiders; where to leave long grass for the voles; what care the reedbed sewage system needs... these are the sort of things you'd learn alongside Mart.

His time commitment varies with the seasons, but is approximately one day a week through much of the year. This role – when Mart fully retires from it – will suit someone who can work happily on their own, though there'll be coffee breaks and meals in the community dining room.

If you have any interest in this wonderful volunteer role, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.