A Place to be Real Together

Arrival and Departure


Most of our events begin with supper together at 6.30pm but do arrive anytime after 4pm. If you get here before 4 o’clock we may not be around to greet you. Anytime after this we will be here with a cup of tea and maybe a piece of cake ready for you!

(If you’re arriving after 6.30 please let us know the likely timing and whether you’d like food put aside.)

Day events usually begin at 10.00am.


Our residential events finish either before lunch at about 10.30am or after lunch at about 2:30pm. Though we may need you to remove your belongings from your room (so that we can clean), it's usually possible for you to take your time leaving (if you would like a last walk on the beach, for example).

See the Event page for details of arrival and departure times for your event.