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Volunteers - at the heart of our community

In practical terms, this centre would fold in a matter of weeks without vollies. And in terms of principle, the gifts of effort and care which volunteers bring are fundamental for any community. Our primal relationship - with the world and with God - is one of pure gift.

Yes, we have to charge for events, pay our full-time staff and balance the books. But the heart of Othona has never been commercial.

Volunteering - get in touch

Louise Heatley, Local Volunteer Coordinator - and a vollie herself!


So how might you consider supporting the community as a volunteer?

Regular and one-off volunteering

Volunteers support the community in all kinds of ways. Here are just a few of the activities and the people:

  • grounds maintenance, strimming, hedge-cutting, etc  (Thank you Mart)
  • gardening in our polytunnel and fruit cage (Thank you to many!)
  • IT support (Thank you Vince)
  • Pat testing + much much more (Thank you Rick)
  • database work (Thank you Ali)
  • cooking cover when we're short-handed (Thank you Pat O, Louise, Caroline W)
  • helping in the library (Thank you Brenda)
  • one-off jobs like envelope stuffing, log splitting or marmalade making (Thank you to many!)
  • bee-keeping (Thank you to the new local team - Terry and Alexa)
  • building, log chopping, tree clearing, treehouse making!, etc (Thank you Gerard and family)
  • video and drone photography (Thank you Geoff)
  • summer six-week volunteering (Thank you Tiernan, Lizzi, Ellie, Kerry, Sabine, Katya and many others!)
  • facilitating family events (Thank you Roger, Ellie, Tom, Kanes, Dunkerleys, Clare Cohen and many more!)

Many of these opportunities suit people who live locally. If you live further away, however, staying with us for days or weeks specifically as a volunteer is also possible.

Committee member

Our Trustees, Committee and Working Group members fulfil vital roles. Click on the blue titles to learn more.

Volunteering - get in touch

If any of these activities attract you, get in touch with us to explore possibilities!

Please note: We hardly ever enrol a volunteer unless she or he has already had some contact with Othona. Come and meet us!