A Place to be Real Together

Our Committee and Trustees

Our Committee

The core residents are supported by a passionate, down to earth group of people who, though they don't live on site, contribute their time and love to creating community at Othona West Dorset. They can, at times, be found hoovering the bedrooms or cleaning the loos between events!

We also have Working Groups that focus on a range of areas (House and Grounds, People Support, Heart & Soul, Finances, Communications, etc). These WG are made up of committee members, core members and people who have a particular skill or interest to contribute. If you wish to get in touch with our current chair, Caroline Walker, she can be contacted at beechlands51@gmail.com.

Our current committee members are:

  • Caroline Walker (Chair)
  • Andy Davey (Treasurer)
  • Tony Jaques (Warden)
  • Dave Evans
  • Ali Tebbs
  • Carole Atkins
  • Elizabeth Sayers
  • Helen Carter
  • Julie Walker
  • Pat Price-Tomes
  • Peter Naropa Burns

Our Trustees

The Othona Community is a registered charity and is governed by a Board of Trustees. There are currently six trustees all of whom are also members of the Community and have personal experience of spending time at one or both of the Centres.

Our current trustees are:

  • Colin Hodgetts (Chair)
  • Ruth Bull
  • Ali Tebbs
  • Angela Mutum
  • Caroline Walker
  • Colin Butcher
  • Elizabeth Sayers
  • Fran Jones
  • Liz Johnson

In addition to their responsibility for managing the finances and the assets of the Community, the trustees have overall responsibility for the life and mission of the Community and for the welfare of the paid staff at the two centres. If you wish to get in touch with our current chair, Colin Hodgetts, he can be contacted at colin@colinhodgetts.co.uk.

Othona is an open and inclusive Community rooted in the Christian tradition and drawing on a wealth of other inspirations. We welcome people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and beliefs to our two centres on the quiet coasts of Essex and Dorset.
Through sharing in a daily rhythm of work, learning, worship and play, we seek personal renewal and glimpses of the sacred. In community we explore the relationship between faith and life and encourage one another in caring for the world and its people.
If you would like to access the Full Circle archive click this link to Full Circle (currently on our old site).
If you would like to access the documents click this link to annual reports and other documents (currently on our old site).