A Place to be Real Together


Sometimes we have vacancies within our team of 7 resident full-time core members: 5 long term and 2 short term.

Each role calls for various skills and experience. But don't worry if you don't already tick every box. If you've got the basic capabilities plus a keen interest and willingness to learn, we don't rule you out.

Click the blue button of the role which interests you to read the job description and how to apply.

(Visit the Core Residents page to meet our current core team. :-D)


Short Term Core Members

Short Term Core usually join us for between 3 months and 2 years. They take on general roles, including a lot of involvement in cooking and cleaning. But they are also full members of the team, sharing in everything from planning to pastoral care of our visitors.

Short term vacancies occur fairly frequently. It is always worth contacting us if you might be interested, even if there is no vacancy at present.

Short Term Core - NO Vacancy

Long Term Core Members

Long Term Core usually stay with Othona for a number of years rather than months. Each one has her or his lead responsibilities:


Overall management and leadership, programme planning

Warden - NO Vacancy


Food policy and procurement, kitchen management and cooking

Caterer - Vacancy

Office Coordinator

Office activities, event bookings and recruitment admin

Office Coordinator - NO Vacancy


Cleaning, upkeep and development of the house

Housekeeper - NO Vacancy


Grounds, garden, waste and  environmental management

Groundsperson - NO Vacancy

N.B. We Don't Do It All!

Othona relies on the support of many local friends and other volunteers who help in all sorts of ways such as gardening, cleaning, decorating. All our visitors help with daily chores like washing up and preparing vegetables. All the core roles include the aim of involving the visitors and volunteers, safely and enjoyably. Our aim is for everyone who visits to participate in community life.