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>> Darkness 2018 Jan

Cathy Bird leads a retreat which will seek to challenge the universal assumption that associates darkness with fear and evil.  Why is it that light has come to be exalted, venerated, worshipped even, whilst darkness has become demonised and feared?

As a devoted lover of the dark, Cathy, a Methodist Minister in London, will ask how we can use the experience of darkness to lift our spirits, challenge our hearts and minds and draw us closer into the heart of God.

The retreat will seek to offer a new way of understanding darkness. You’ll be encouraged to enter a new realm in which light and darkness co-exist and complement each other. Both have beautiful and life affirming qualities as well as challenging and negative ones. They reflect, not a dichotomy of good and evil, but rather a balanced universe in which God’s nature is revealed in all things which are healing and affirming of life.

Bring an open mind and a torch. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark!

N.B. This retreat ends on Monday morning because the dark of Sunday evening is its high point. We hope you can come for the whole event.



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