A Place to be Real Together

>> Easter 2018 Mar

David Buck has never been ‘professionally religious’ – he worked as a city financial analyst. But he’s devoted time and research to making sense of Jesus beyond the familiar formulae of traditional theology, as a positive and mystical teacher. All of which led David to write two books that can shed a fresh light on the gospel accounts. This weekend he’ll encourage us to engage creatively with those stories ourselves.

An extract from Through the Eye of a Needle gives you a flavour of his approach:

“I believe that Jesus was on a fully human journey towards his destiny of becoming what I call ‘At One with the Father’. A fictional view of his journey and its realisation in Gethsemane can be found in [my book] The I, Jesus Scrolls and on www.ijscrolls.com ... Do I believe Jesus was divine? Yes I do, but in the sense that I believe that all of us have a divinity within us… but Jesus had that sense of God, ‘more abundantly’.”

David Talbot is known for his tai chi and qigong exercise sessions at Othona. This Easter he’ll also show us the basics of a simple shiatsu shoulder massage. And the Othona landscape in early Spring invites us outdoors, of course, where David may also lead a birdwatching walk. There is plenty of time during the weekend to meet new friends, explore the grounds and the coast, and just relax in community together.