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Satish Kumar’s latest book is described thus:

Elegant Simplicity provides a coherent philosophy of life that weaves together simplicity of material life, thought, and spirit. In it, Satish Kumar, environmental thought leader and former monk, distills five decades of reflection and wisdom into a guide for everyone, covering:

  • The ecological and spiritual principles of living simply
  • Shedding both "stuff" and psychological baggage
  • Opening your mind and heart to the deep value of relationships
  • Embedding simplicity in all aspects of life including education and work
  • Merging science and spirituality for a coherent world-view.

Our weekend will not be just a talking shop. We will also explore practicalities of the simple life – from the ‘white ladies’ whose community preceded Othona on our site to initiatives for today and tomorrow.

N.B. Satish has another speaking engagement on Saturday, but will be with us on Friday and Sunday, also setting the tone and theme for our other activities on Saturday.