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>> Enneagram 2022 July

Othona is delighted to welcome a new facilitator in Jeanie Honey (many of whose early experiences with the Enneagram happened right here in workshops with Karen Webb).

Jeanie is an accredited Enneagram practitioner, coach and retreat leader. She says “The Enneagram has been so important to me over the years in understanding myself and my relationships. It’s helped me to see the old story of my life and how I can grow into a new one.”

The wisdom of the Enneagram is centuries old and has been rediscovered and endorsed by modern neuroscience and psychology. It describes nine inter-connecting personality types and highlights our habitual and often unconscious thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

Our tendency is to want to avoid the difficult parts of our experience, but without a way of recognising all of who we are, we remain asleep to our potential. The Enneagram helps us accept and integrate all parts of ourselves. And therefore to flourish in our relationships.

During this long weekend you will be supported to discover your own type among the nine. Or, if previous enneagram work has left you unsure, to confirm it.

You’ll also gain insight into the characteristic viewpoints and gifts of the other eight types. Being in community with others, as at Othona, is the ideal setting for a deep dive into our common humanity.

To discover more about Jeanie visit www.exeterenneagram.com