A Place to be Real Together

>> Feed the World 2022 June

Food is so crucial to a healthy future – personally and globally. In community this weekend you can experience big-picture thinking alongside gloriously local eating and a ceremonial honouring of the natural world that feeds us, body and soul. 

On Friday we’ll delve into George Monbiot’s Regenesis, to be published on May 26th. Advance reviews are sensational.

  • Regenesis is a world-making, world-changing book; at once visionary and rigorous and practicable.” (Robert Macfarlane)
  • “One of the two or three most important books to appear this century” (Prof. Sir David King)
  • A transformative vision of a new food future with the potential to both restore nature and feed the world.” (Caroline Lucas)

Guided by an expert commentator,  we’ll explore the main points of Monbiot’s vision together.

Then Saturday brings the renowned Bridport Food Festival with a wealth of local food and drink producers, as well as cookery demonstrations, competitions and entertainment.

Our final meal together on Sunday will be in the form of a sacred celebration, blessing the earth, its plants and creatures… as they so unstintingly bless us.