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A Place to be Real Together

Four Seasons Studio Team

Here's where you will see the progress of the project and the people who are making it happen...

Fundraising Target

Our very fancy, high tech chart on our dining room display board showing where we are with raising funds: £242,370 of £300,000 so far - £57,630 to go! :-D

Project Milestones - target dates

Foundation & Services - 2019 Sep     DONE :-D

Construction Timber Frame - 2020 Jan     IN PROGRESS

Contruction & Internal Fitting - 2020 Feb

Second Fixing & External Decking - 2020 Mar (early)

Installing Equipment - 2020 Mar (late)

Launch Private - 2020 Apr (Easter)

Launch Public - 2020 May (Dorset Art Weeks)

Project Photo Albums

Just click on the photos below to see each album. We will keep adding photos as the project progresses!

Art Building Demolition - Clearing the building

Art Building Demolition - Building comes down

Art Building Demolition - Preparing Site

Foundation for Four Seasons Studio

Construction of Timber Frame - so far!

Thank You Again Again

We can not say thank you enough to everyone who has given and is giving their time, skills, cash and love towards making the dream of this beautiful, multi-purpose space a reality. We don't want to name people individually, as some wish to remain anonymous. But you know who you are and you know this would not be happening without you!

The Inlight Trust

One group we can name is The Inlight Trust. They first gave us a grant of £7,500 in about 2008 when the idea of a Four Seasons Studio-like space began to take shape. In 2019, they gave us £10,000 and then a further £25,000 specifically for the Four Seasons Studio project. This funding in particular made the project viable. Having the support and encouragement of this respected trust means a lot to us.

Core members Robin, Tony and Liz with The Inlight Trust's cheque for £25,000

Allchurches Trust

Another organisation we can name is Allchurches Trust. They recently gave us a grant of £5,250 for the Four Seasons Studio project.  Thank you so much!

Warden Tony and regular visitor Lucia giving thumbs up for Allchurches Trust's grant cheque!