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If Othona in West Dorset has meant something important to you in your lifetime, will you help others enjoy that experience after you are gone? You can do this by leaving a gift in your Will. For a charity of Othona's kind, legacies are an absolutely vital resource, especially when it comes to renewing our buildings.

Very soon Community House will be 100 years old and it will need a lot of new investment to stay fit for its purpose into a second century. Whatever you give - large or small - will be appreciated for what it is: a gift from the heart.

Here's a link in our special leaflet Where There's A Will. To discuss any query you may have, please contact the Warden, Tony Jaques. You can reach him on 01308 897 130 or tony@othona-bb.org.uk

Make a Pledge

Gifts left in Wills are really important to Othona West Dorset. However even if you haven't made a Will, making a pledge to do so in the future would really help us to find out about your future intentions.

Pledges are not legally binding so by filling out this form you are not committing yourself! You are simply allowing us to estimate future support.

Pledge form pdf

Add a Codicil to Your Will

If you have already made a Will but you want to leave a legacy to a charity you can make an addition or change it without re-writing your current will. This addition is called a codicil.

To leave a legacy to The Othona Community, West Dorset please download the codicil form below and take it along to your solicitor.

Please note however that this form is not legally binding on its own and has to be part of your main will. We advise you to seek the advice of a solicitor.

If you have any questions about leaving a legacy to us, please contactcontact the Warden, Tony Jaques. You can reach him on 01308 897 130 or tony@othona-bb.org.uk – he will be happy to discuss this with you.

Codicil form pdf

Find a solicitor

If you would like to find a solicitor to help with your will, below is a link to The Law Society directory.

Find a Solicitor