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Make a Payment

Here's some guidance for paying your event invoice via Paypal online:

If you are paying for something other than an event, choose 'Other' in the dropdown menu. Use the 'Ref' box to note what the payment is for.

  1. Check the invoice for what kind of payment you wish to make (Deposit, Full Payment, Remaining Balance). Use the dropdown menu below.
  2. Type the Start Date of Event as a reference in the text box.
  3. Click the Pay Now button below. This will open a Paypal screen.
  4. Type the total amount you are paying in the Price per item box (left side). Click Continue.
  5. This will open another Paypal screen. Depending on your operating system and device (phone, tablet, computer) you will either be:
    • invited to log in to Paypal or to pay as a Guest (ie pay with debit/credit card without logging into or creating a Paypal account) OR
    • taken directly to your account (if your device is already logged into Paypal) and be asked to confirm payment.
  6. Confirm your payment by clicking Pay Now.
  7. You will be redirected back to our website. You will then receive an email from Paypal confirming your payment. Voila!

Paying for
Ref (Event Start Date)

If you would prefer...

You can also pay us via our Paypal email address which is: bookings@othona-bb.org.uk