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>> Mindfulness & Nature 2022 July

Contrary to some popular misconceptions, mindfulness is not just about staying calm - even though this will help in times of crisis such as these. Much more, it teaches a way of seeing the world which can have an enormous impact on our relationship with the rest of nature.


In these few days we will spend our morning sessions in the chapel learning simple mindfulness practices.

Our afternoons will be outside in the grounds of Othona; there we can practise bringing what we have learned into our relationship with the rest of nature.

Finally in the evenings we will reflect further with the help of films by John O'Donohue and Bruce Parry, also celebrating our relationship with the season around a fire with song and simple ritual.

In the end, it will not be new knowledge which saves us, but a shift in perspective. 

Come and experience what this might feel like as we enjoy this beautiful part of the world.

Tim Stead is an accredited mindfulness teacher who runs 8 week courses, quiet days and retreats in both secular and faith contexts.

He is particularly interested in connecting contemporary mindfulness with the spiritual traditions.

He was also a founder member of the Oxford Forest Church group which explores spirituality in nature.

Web-site: www.timsteadmindfulness.org