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>> Pictures Making Words 2018 June

Pictures Making Words is a short course for all those who love fresh stimulus for their writing, whether poetry or prose. It will present to you - through the touch-button immediacy of power-point and with carefully minimal commentary, the most inspirational painting and sculpture old and new.
There will be a wealth of images for you to take your time looking at and then see what feelings and ideas for writing the experience of them leaves you with.
The theme creates strength and variety for you from the vastness of its subject: Planet Art, the Earth and everything in it as encountered by artists throughout the centuries. We can see what they saw from hill-top, valley-side, shore-line, doorway and windowsill, in light and darkness, across land, sea and sky: the world and human life in all its glory and diversity, rivers and lakes, mountains, birds and beasts, four seasons, four elements, men, women, children, settling and journeying, history-in-the-making, the idea of creation and the human as creator.
This course is for those of you who want to write, whether you have written for years, or days, or never a word till now. You may write whatever you like in whatever way you like – poetry, prose, fiction, journal, diary, letter - and there will be no obligation whatsoever to finish writing anything or to read out what you have written.

Graham Fawcett has led writing days, weekends, and longer courses in London and Southern England over the last thirty-five years.

He was involved in the setting up, and later the day-to-day running, of the Arvon Foundation’s Devon centre – Totleigh Barton at Sheepwash near Hatherleigh and has been involved in teaching and broadcasting ever since.

He is getting to be better known in the South West and elsewhere for his lecture-performances-with-readings at literary festivals (including in Taunton and Bridport) and in art galleries, pubs and bookshops.

2018 appearances will feature venues in Topsham, West Bay, Lewes, Taunton, Farnham, and Ireland as well as North and South London. His website has further details of his work at www.grahamfawcett.co.uk, where the events calendar offers a regularly updated list of new events.