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Neil Douglas-Klotz: Decoding the Aramaic Jesus

Interviewed by Steve Nobel of Conscious Media in 2015.

Neil Douglas-Klotz, Ph.D, author of The Hidden Gospel of the Aramaic Jesus, is a world-renowned scholar in religious studies, spirituality and psychology. He has lead many fascinating events here at Othona West Dorset. For information about Neil Douglas-Klotz, visit his website Abwoon Network.

You can also hear this podcast on Soundcloud.


Joanna Eden: Let's Make a Musical

Interviewed by Charlotte Foot, BBC in 2015.

Joanna Eden is a singer-pianist/songwriter and mentor to Sam Smith (yes, the Sam Smith). Jo was interviewed as she was preparing to lead the creation of a brand new musical by children and their families and friends in just a week in 2015 and 2016!

Credit: BBC Radio Solent’s Breakfast in Dorset programme on 103.8FM