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>> Quiet Week 2019 Feb

The central theme will be that of the Tree of Life. For five thousand years, the image of the Tree of Life has been used to explore the deepest questions – the origins of creation, the relationship of creation and humanity with the divine, and the meaning and limitations of human life – and in Christian thought it quickly became associated with many life-giving aspects of faith, including the cross and the sacraments. 

Artists and writers down the centuries have drawn on this rich range of meaning to convey spiritual truths and resource spiritual life in their own times. We will share some examples to help us to think about what is life-giving (or not) in the practice of our own faith today.

The week will be facilitated by Wendy Pugh and Clare Gough. Wendy is a retired Anglican priest who is fascinated by the way the image of the Tree of Life has been used to nourish faith within the Christian tradition after exploring it in scripture, art, legend and poetry in an MA dissertation. Clare is a retired doctor and life coach.

Retreatants are encouraged to bring art and/or craft materials and a note book or journal. The Chapel and library/quiet room will be reserved for silence.

  • Each day will begin in chapel with quiet reflection using visual art and readings to consider an aspect of the wisdom symbolised by the Tree of Life.
  • The option of centering prayer or meditation before supper.
  • Each day will end in chapel with quiet reflection and an opportunity to share together our experience of the day.
  • Plenty of time to yourself, as well as in supportive community.
  • Some meals shared in silence.

Cosy library and art/craft tables in Chapel.