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>> Quiet Week 2019 Sep

Do you long for soulful relaxation and quiet, but not enough to go on a completely silent retreat? Our Quiet Weeks offer a depth of tranquillity, a quality of presence which will rest parts of you that need rest… and awaken parts that have dozed off!

Othona provides a simple ‘container’ that has proved its effectiveness in calming the body, refreshing the mind and deepening inner peace.

We welcome Tess Ward to ‘hold’ this week by supporting the atmosphere of contemplation and offering one or two daily selections of words, images and music to prompt our reflections.

Being in community of course you will be asked to help with a light household job each day; sharing these tasks in a spirit of gift, not obligation, is a positive part of the experience.

Tess has contributed at the Greenbelt Festival and is author of The Celtic Wheel of the Year, a treasured spiritual resource for many people.

Her 2012 book Alternative Pastoral Prayers draws directly on her experience in hospice chaplaincy.

She is currently writing about pilgrimage in the Celtic lands of the North East of England where she now lives.