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>> Yoga 2020 Sep

This weekend is for you if you already have some experience of a regular yoga practice. It offers a combination of postures, breathing, and meditation, as well as time to rest and explore a beautiful part of the world.

We will explore the more subtle inner aspects of our yoga practice by including the use of two of the three bandhas (bandha meaning ‘lock’ – as in blocking the flow of prana/energy in a particular direction, thereby coaxing it in the opposite direction). These help us to promote strength, energy, greater flexibility, relaxation and an awareness of deeper inner opening/purification.

Also included will be the use of mudras (mudra meaning ‘seal’ – as in sealing and directing a path or particular prana/energy flow) during our pranayama practices and meditation.

Debs Albon is an experienced Hatha yoga teacher, who has been practising for 29 years. She has just added a qualification in Yoga as a Therapy, Meditation & Mindfulness. A mum of five and grandmother of one, (also a pregnancy yoga teacher!), she loves life, and especially walking her dogs in the beautiful West Sussex countryside.