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Writing Personal Prayer Retreat

Developing internal safety and resilience through prayer


Thurs 25 - Sun 28 Nov 2021 (stopover to 29 Nov optional - see below)

N.B. Up to 50% bursary available if you work in the NHS or as a carer. Email us for details.

Space is available on this event! :-D

Facilitated by Megan Simson, Othona core community member, who writes:

"Covid has changed how we navigate our lives dramatically. We have all been placed in a time like no other.

"For many, it has been a very isolating time with limited social connections. For some, your life may have been forced to take a very different direction. There is also grief for the loss of the life we were living and for some the grief of the passing of someone dear to us.

"Even though we hope the worst of this Covid time may have passed, there is a journey of recovery before us. Establishing stability, inner peace and personal strength is necessary, but is not easy to create.

"This Writing Personal Prayer Retreat welcomes you into a sacred space which will assist you in developing internal safety and resilience through prayer. Especially the writing of your own personal prayers. It will take you on an exploratory and spiritual journey toward establishing a loving connection to Self and God and deepening your innate personal power, creating peace and clarity to develop right action in your life."

Megan draws from the wisdom gained from her life's learning and her lived experiences to create the exploratory retreat -  Writing Personal Prayer.

Living and working as a governess in Istanbul in 2012 she experienced an immensely difficult time which could be described as culture shock. To overcome the emotional and mental stress she was experiencing, she drew from her knowledge of the transformational nature of prayer to rise out of the turmoil. She wrote and recited the Resilience Prayer to establish personal strength, inner peace and immense joy.

Megan says of that time: "By soaking myself in prayer, I created freedom to move through an extremely overwhelming situation. Which then became the most transformative and uplifting time of my life." 

"Personal Prayer is an invaluable tool. It is one way a person can take action. The creation of personal prayer is available to people of any faith and none. It is a communication with the Beloved / God / The Divine, that builds trust and freedom to move through difficult times and transforming a situation to the best outcome possible"  

If you would like to know more before booking, please email megan@othona-bb.org.uk

Stopover option to Monday 29 November

This retreat ends after lunch on Sunday. But on Sunday evening there will be a rather lovely Advent gathering by candlelight in our chapel with some of our local friends invited. You might like to stay and take part. So we offer a bargain stopover to Monday morning, including light supper and breakfast, for an extra £35. Decison and payment for this to be made when you are here. Your online booking is for Thursday to Sunday only.

More about Megan....

Megan has certainly taken many roads less travelled. From living in the Australian Outback to Istanbul; UK to South Korea. She found these journeys the catalyst for spiritual growth.

Megan would call herself a spiritual seeker. From her Catholic roots, to learning the healing of the Ancient Hawaiian's to New Thought Christian teachings to the Christian Mystics, the Enneagram and more. She recently attended (online) the final Conspire spirituality conference hosted by Richard Rohr's Center for Action and Contemplation

For 15 years in her home town of Brisbane, Megan worked as a Bodywork and Energy Healer. Supporting people through difficult life events which placed them in overwhelm, emotional and mental stress, exhaustion and internal conflict. "I was dedicated to offer my clients the relief they needed from the effects of difficult times. Uplifting them to approach the challenges they were facing with peace of mind and inner strength. Which would enable them to find the best way forward."



Fee Types

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Basic £185
Bonus £230
Benefactor £260
Deposit £  30


Arrival + Departure Times

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Arrive between 4.00 - 6.30 pm
Depart after 2.30 pm


25 Nov 2021 18:30 through 28 Nov 2021 14:30
Othona Community, West Dorset
Coast Road
Burton Bradstock
Landline: 01308 897130