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Clutterbusters 1: Maintenance Areas

Join a small team to work hard blitzing all our maintenance stores


Wed 8 Dec - Sun 12 Dec 2021


Space is available on this event! :-D


Are you a Clutterbuster? Someone who actively enjoys making order out of chaos? Who can sort and tidy and consign to the bin! Othona needs your help.

This winter we are holding two intensive clutterbusting events. This first one will concentrate on all our maintenance equipment and materials. The aim is to cull what we should not hold on to... and organise what we do keep.

Ideally, therefore, you'll be someone who knows their way around tools, could enjoy exploring traditional hardware stores for instance, and gets satisfaction from seeing them in good order.

What do we mean by intensive? On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we certainly expect to be working on the project !0.00-1.00 and 2.30 - 5.30 (with short drinks breaks). We hope to provide some rather special relaxation in the evenings.

Numbers are strictly limited. We need a small team to work closely with us. So please book as soon as you can. On the last day we'll have a real celebration feast to mark all that's been achieved.

If you want to know more before committing, write to tony@othona-bb.org.uk

We're halving our usual charges in recognition of all you'll be contributing. If they are still problematic for you, do ask about bursaries.

N.B. Clutterbusters 2, in the new year, will concentrate on all Othona's other storage areas. It is provisionally planned for 19-23 January.



Fee Types

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Basic £110
Bonus £140
Benefactor £160
Deposit £  30


Arrival + Departure Times

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Arrive between 4.00 - 6.30 pm
Depart after 2.30 pm


08 Dec 2021 18:30 through 12 Dec 2021 14:30
Othona Community, West Dorset
Coast Road
Burton Bradstock
Landline: 01308 897130