A Place to be Real Together

A Radical Easter - grasping theological nettles

What happened and what it means - beyond the 'traditional' approach


Thursday 28th March to Monday 1st April 2024


Space is available on this event! :-D

Spilt wine from pottery chalice and broken bread all on white cloth

Easter - do you find yourself questioning some of the 'events' in the gospels? Unconvinced by later ideas of Jesus dying to somehow save us from damnation? Well, you're not alone. And there are other, radically different, ways of seeing Easter. This year's gathering is a chance to explore some of them together.

Through talks, discussions, video resources and creative worship we will seek to experience Easter with integrity and deeper understanding. All viewpoints will be honoured; we don't all see things the same way!

Convening our conversations and activities will be Othona warden Tony Jaques. He says "I've often wrestled with my own discomfort about Easter and much of the church teaching attached to it. And yet I'm still compelled by it. If that is true for you too, I hope you'll come along so that we can grasp a few nettles together."



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28 Mar 2024 18:30 to 01 Apr 2024 10:30
Othona Community, West Dorset
Coast Road
Burton Bradstock
Landline: 01308 897130