A Place to be Real Together

Families 1: How to be a Counter-Tourist

Community outings this week include playful ways to enjoy Dorset differently. All-age friendly.


Saturday 27 July - Friday 2 August 2024


Space is available on this event! :-D

Andy Howlett and Liberty Rowley in period costume

This is a relaxing holiday week in community with other families and individuals. Children of all ages will find something for them at Othona this week. Adults too, as long as they haven't totally lost contact with their inner child!

We'll have beach, artspace, games, music etc. But also there’ll be chances to discover more of Dorset together, with an intriguing twist.

Have you ever felt, when you’re a tourist, that you’re being sold a sort of artificial package? Then you might enjoy a bit of Counter Tourism!

On three days we will arrange a group outing to a heritage site or other tourist attraction (sharing cars as necessary).

While we are there those of us who want to can “playfully subvert the packaged experience offered up to us, using tactics inspired by the Counter Tourism Handbook (Crab Man 2012)” and guided by Andy Howlett and Liberty Rowley.

What does this mean? What is Counter Tourism (CT)?

Just READ MORE to find out>>


Any 2 adults sharing a room: both pay HALF PRICE
Any solo adult with child/children: one child FREE OF CHARGE

Fee Types

You are genuinely welcome to choose whichever rate suits you

(Learn more about our Pricing Policy & Bursaries)

Standard £524  aims to cover our real costs
Basic £430  if all pay Basic, Othona has to cut staff & activities
Benefactor £619  helps us afford Basic Rate and Bursaries
Child 11-18 £257
Child 3-10 £178
Child 0-2 Free
Deposit £  30


Arrival + Departure Times

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Arrive between 4.00 - 6.30 pm
Depart after 10.30 am


27 Jul 2024 18:00 to 02 Aug 2024 10:30
Othona Community, West Dorset
Coast Road
Burton Bradstock
Landline: 01308 897130