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Quiet Week

Not a silent retreat, but tranquility as you may like it


Sat 16 Sep - Fri 22 Sep 2017


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Our Quiet Weeks give you loads of unprogrammed space to use as you wish. But within the welcoming context of community meals, shared times in chapel and interesting company. They are not silent retreats, but certain times and places are kept talk-free. Quiet Weeks are gently led by experienced guides – on this occasion Tess Ward.



Fee Types

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Adult standard £351
Adult concession £274
Deposit £30


Arrival + Departure Times

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Arrive between 4.00 - 6.30 pm
Depart after 10.30 am

"A real inspiration and a Quiet Place par excellence."

"A time of enrichment in many ways."

16 Sept 2017 18:30 to 22 Sept 2017 10:30