A Place to be Real Together

Four Seasons Studio Project

A Project for All Seasons & All Comers

Four Seasons Studio is our vision for a multi-purpose building to replace our beloved but bedraggled Art & Craft Building. Construction began in August 2019 and was completed in 2021 (delayed due to covid). Four Seasons Studio will be:

  • A resource for groups and individuals in the local community, as well as Othona’s residential visitors.
  • Extremely adaptable, combining good facilities for arts and crafts, bodywork, creative play and other educational activities.
  • Fully accessible, with a kitchen and toilets, built to high environmental standards.
  • Its energy use is part of our plan to make the entire site carbon neutral by 2030 at the latest.
  • In tune with its stunning natural surroundings.

The Funding

The budget for completion was £300,000. Through grants, legacies, individual donations, fundraising efforts and Othona’s own reserves, the amount raised was over £281,098. Thank you to all who helped.

Follow the Creation of Four Seasons Studio!

Visit the Four Seasons Studio Team page and learn more about Four Seasons Studio coming into being. See photos of the different stages - from dismantling the old art building to laying the new foundations and beyond. Meet the team who have made it possible. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a community to raise our beautiful new building!

Visit the Four Seasons Fundraising & Timeline to see theproject milestones and information on the fundraising.

Thank You

A big THANK YOU to The Inlight Trust which has, to date, contributed £42,500 towards the cost of building Four Seasons Studio.

A big THANK YOU to Allchurches Trust which recently contributed £5,250 towards the cost of equipping Four Seasons Studio.

A big THANK YOU to Rank Foundation Pebble Grants which recently contributed £1,500 towards the cost of Four Seasons Studio.

A big THANK YOU to Low Carbon Dorset as part of the European Regional Development Fund for a grant of almost £14,000 which will help us save a huge 14.9 tonnes of CO2 from Dorset air each year. 

Thank you to our architects, Fisher & Associates, for their drawings and the videos below - a walk-through and a fly-around! (The manicured lawns and parkland trees are wishful thinking generated by the software. :-D)




Four Seasons Studio - view from Community House

Four Seasons Studio - view from the south