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Online Booking has Arrived!

We are quietly excited. We have just activated our new online booking facility. When you visit an event page in the Programme, you will see a blue box on the right (or at the bottom - if you are using a phone or tablet). Next time you are booking an event, have a go! The first time you have to set up a log-in etc, but that's a one-off.

We didn't want an impersonal 'hotel-like' booking process. The idea is to give you the convenience of online booking while not losing the personal touch. So you apply online, we check availablility etc, and get back to you to confirm your booking. As the meerkats would say: Simples!  Thank you to all who put time, effort and inspiration into creating an online booking system that will serve Othona West Dorset visitors and core community well. (Hopefully!) A BIG THANK YOU to Circle Interactive, our website developers and to our own Robin Shaw whose commitment and diligence I'd be praising even if I weren't also her husband!

You'll find a couple of helpful 'How to' pages on the website - How to Book and How to Pay. Of course, there are often teething problems with any new system. If you try booking online and get stuck, do get in touch via email or phone (01308 897 130). If you have suggestions about how we might make it easier or clearer to use, do email us to let us know.