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Programme Brochure 2017

Othona West Dorset's 2017 Brochure is at the printers right now and will be posted soon to those who have requested it! However, you can download our printed programme right now!

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank the people whose skills and time have gone into producing the brochure:

Tiernan Philpot - photographer responsible for the cover photo of 'our' baby swallows. (The swallows have built nests on our stoop for the past few years.) And thank you to Rachel who was the first to take photos of the birds on the wire (to kind of quote Leonard Cohen RIP) - by hanging out of the first floor bathroom window!

Adrian Waddington - Othona West Dorset's designer (creator of our elegant logo and typeface too).

Creeds - local Bridport printers of long and distinguished standing!

Tony and Robin - Othona core responsible for pulling it all together. :-)

Programme 2017

Othona’s amazing in the range of what we offer each year. Here’s Tony's personal tipster’s guide to a few highlights - especially new speakers and facilitators:

Dilwar Hussain and Rabiha Hannan, husband and wife team, are going to open up the idea of New Horizons in Islam. They both have amazing track records in research and consultancywithin and about the developing Muslim communities of Britain.

Martin Palmer – environmentalist, religious historian, author, broadcaster etc. and organiser of a Summit of Conscience before the Paris Climate Change Conference which helped change (for the better!) the intellectual and emotional atmosphere of that crucial gathering. Martin returns to Othona with the topic: Celebration! The sacred way to save the environment.

Living with Dying is the topic for a long weekend run by Kym Winter and Peter Berry. Both professionally and personally they are ideal guides as we look at our own mortality.

Jools Oates and Beth Wareing hold their first Forgiveness in Family Life day event at Othona. This ‘relationship retreat’ draws on ideas of Desmond and Mpho Tutu.

Tess Ward, who's written some of the very best contemporary Nature-based Christian prayers, is leading a Quiet Week as well as a Celtic-inspired Easter retreat.

Karen Webb, popular Enneagram teacher, looks at Neurons and Non-duality. Emerging scientific understanding buttresses teachings from the Enneagram and other wisdom traditions that consciousness is not confined to the brain. We ‘know’ things with our gut and our heart as well as our head!

Plus family weeks, quiet weeks, working weeks, yoga, walking, mindfulness, poetry, singing, astronomy, tai chi, wisdom traditions, labyrinths, circle dance, appleseed method, Aramaic Jesus and Dances of Universal Peace. And the many I’ve missed out!