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A Walk, a Globe (or Two), a Key Job

We are still enjoying some early autumn sun here in Dorset. I wanted to bring you a video'd walk, a vivid experience of earth and moon, and news of a leadership opportunity at Othona's Bradwell centre.

Who Will Fill Tim's Shoes?

Tim Fox, my opposite number at Othona's centre in Essex, will be stepping down around Easter 2022. He'll be much missed, and as you'll appreciate the Community has an important recruitment task ahead.

If you would like to learn more about this role - for yourself or someone else - visit our 'Othona at Large' page.

Come Walk With Me (No 18)

Two weeks ago I enjoyed a sunny afternoon in Thorncombe Wood and Puddletown Forest. Communing with nature, but also with those who trod the same paths many years earlier. 

So here's my video, entitled Walking with Hardy and Vespasian. Please forgive the slight ticking sound on the audio at some points; a technical problem I've yet to fathom.

Of Moon and Earth

What's today's picture about? Well, Sarah Lammin, who recently visited Othona for the first time, has kindly written about two very powerful experiences. One with us and one in a nearby cathedral.

Do read Sarah's account here. It includes (on page 3) a picture of the moon indoors(!), rather better than my attempt to capture the earth (Gaia) by night. 

In case you'd like to catch either artwork elsewhere, here are two useful links:  Moon   Gaia

Sarah also recommends these thoughts on practical action if you share her "resolve to do more".

Thinking (as Sarah is) of the climate crisis, let me end by passing on some words from the great environmental and spiritual thinker Wendell Berry: “Even the people on our side, they’re all telling us: be afraid, be afraid, be afraid. We’ve got to refuse that too.”