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Dorset Art Weeks 2012

Exhibition, Jazz Concert, Art Lectures, Residential Art Events for Adults and Families & More

26 May to 10 June 2012

For the first time, Othona West Dorset became an exhibition space as part of Dorset Art Weeks, a county-wide feast of creativity and skill. Almost 1,000 people came to Othona to see the exhibition! :-) :-)

"The Contemplative Eye" was an exhibition by artists with a deep connection to Othona West Dorset, and took place in the beautiful space of our chapel.

The artists participating were Edward Robinson, Elizabeth Sayers, Emma C Tabor, Mart Tebbs and Sue Kemp.

There was also a jazz concert with Philip Clouts, art talks with Sophie Hacker, residential art events - and cream teas!!

Read more about the event here...

Below are some of the artworks exhibited:

Edward Robinson

Elizabeth Sayers

Emma C Tabor

Mart Tebbs

Sue Kemp

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