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Dorset Art Weeks 2020

Dorset Art Weeks 2020 has been postponed until 2021 due to Corvid-19. 

However! Othona is having a small online exhibition starting on 23 May 2020 (the start of of DAW 2020 - if it had happened).

Welcome to our...

Wide Open DAW - a Dorset Art Weeks exhibition goes online!

We have been delighted to take part in Dorset Art Weeks ('DAW') since 2012. DAW is biennial and Britain's largest open studios and exhibitions event. It's an amazing experience for artists and visitors alike. The Othona exhibitors are established artists whose practices have been enriched by a relationship with Othona West Dorset.

And...to see images, videos and info about our previous exhibitions, visit DAW 2018DAW 2016, DAW 2014 and DAW 2012 pages.

Also, check out out our soon-to-be-built Four Seasons Studio and our Artist-in-Residence.