A Place to be Real Together


by Aidan Childs
Monday 1st February 2016

Six months ago I became a member of the core community here. The time since then has been a huge experience for me, and what follows can only be a snapshot. I offer this as a selection of the memories that stay with me most strongly from the last half-year at Othona. There could be so much else to include! And much, much more that I've forgotten.

All along, what has stood out most for me has been the richness of this place. I arrived in August, halfway through the round of summer events, as an 'Astronomy Week' event was underway. From that first week, looking at the stars and planets through a telescope and listening to professional astronomer Roger's talks, I remember the dizzying sense of how vast this universe is. I remember the energy of a 'Let’s Make a Musical' week, when,... Read More