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by Robin Shaw
Wednesday 31st July 2019

We wish to say a big THANK YOU to The Inlight Trust. In July 2019 we received a cheque for £25,000 from the trust to support the Four Seasons Studio project. This financial support meant that we could give the green light and start building! Learn more about this wonderful new space on the Four Seasons Studio page.

The Inlight Trust first funded an Othona West Dorset project in 2008. Having the support and encouragement of this respected trust means a lot to us. Thank you!... Read More

by Robin Shaw
Wednesday 8th May 2019

10% Summer Discount if it’s your first time at Othona

Othona West Dorset – the best seaside retreat on the south coast?

Creativity, community, spirituality… and fun!

10% off for newcomers applies to all residential bookings from 24 May to 30 August 2019

Here are a few you might like!

Bags of Creativity Sewing as a creative meditative gift (May 24-26)

Thomas Hardy Confidential  Secret loves of his life? Exploring... Read More

by Robin Shaw
Sunday 14th April 2019

Hee Hee! Not our bread exactly. Leakers Bakery is the main supplier of Othona West Dorset's bread and they have been recognised as one of Britain's 20 best bakeries in The Daily Telegraph (30.3.2019). No surprise to us!

Food has a central place in the ethos of Othona. We encourage everyone to value and enjoy preparing food and eating together, not only as a pleasure in itself but also as a powerful symbol (a ‘sacrament’) of community.

We have a polytunnel for salads, an orchard and a soft fruit cage. We serve homemade jams, marmalades and chutneys, as well as honey from beehives right here in our... Read More

by Robin Shaw
Sunday 14th April 2019

Swim against the tide of our throwaway society! Our multi-skilled, multi-creative housekeeper and core member, Kate Ross will be facilitating her first Othona workshop in May, Bags of Creativity, joined by ace seamstress Jane Parker and our beloved local mindfulness teacher Sue Howse. They will be offering an experiential exploration of creativity and meditative mindfulness - and fun!

Kate has been beautifying and rediscovering many forgotten gems here at Othona West Dorset. Everything from picture hanging and curtain making to mixing moisturisers, furniture polish and mead from our honey and bees wax. 

Keep a look out for future... Read More

by Tony Jaques
Saturday 30th March 2019


Have you seen our new highlights (and old favourites) this year?

Thomas Hardy Confidential - early love life and poetry of Dorset's great novelist: talks, visits, walks, folk dance (June 12-16)

Listening to the Green Heartbeat - nature-based retreat (June 20-23)

See, Love, Be - mindfulness and the spiritual life (July 3-7)

Four varied family-... Read More

by Robin Shaw
Wednesday 25th July 2018

On 16 August 2018, Othona will have the pleasure of presenting the beautiful music of the creative, warm and funny soul that is Joanna Eden, who is in the South West launching her new album, 'Truth Tree'.

In a twenty year career, Joanna Eden has shared stages with The Buena Vista Social Club, Jamie Cullum, The Blockheads and Ronan Keating as well as her superstar student Sam Smith who was her backing singer as a teenager. The Grammy and Oscar winning artist has cited Joanna simply as “The reason I sing”. Sam studied with Joanna for nine years although she laughs:

 “It didn’t feel like teaching or studying, we... Read More

by Caroline Cameron
Monday 28th May 2018

In January 2018, the National Trust published a report, the results of which proved that places have a powerful effect on us.

More than 2,000 people were interviewed to find out what special places mean to them: for many, childhood memories or a link to loved ones creates a special attachment to a particular place. 

Surprisingly, for over 40% of those surveyed, their meaningful places were recent discoveries.

Whether alone or in company, these are places to relax, enjoy nature, or simply get away from our... Read More

by Caroline Cameron
Saturday 26th May 2018

Ever been told that you can't sing? But always wanted to? Well, now you can!

NOT just for experienced warblers, our Summer Sizzler Singing Weekend (6th-8th July) offers wannabe singers the chance to exercise their vocal cords in the company of friendly and like-minded folk.

Renowned singing teachers Nick Petts* and Jon Conway** will lead us on a musical journey sampling a range of styles from sacred chants to pop anthems. No need to read music; we learn by ear and we practise until we're word-perfect! (well, almost :))

The weekend... Read More

by Robin Shaw
Friday 25th May 2018

Dorset Art Weeks launches tomorrow on Sat 26 May 2018. It's been all hands on deck here at Othona, getting ready for our 4th DAW! We are very excited (and knackered)! Mart Tebbs, who has been exhibiting here since Othona first began participating as a DAW venue in 2012, is featured in the May edition of the very snazzy new mag, Bridport Times, along with other local artists. You can read the magazine online, or pick it up in Bridport venues.

Do come and visit us over the DAW weeks (26 May to 10 June) - for art, cream teas and sea views! You... Read More

by Caroline Cameron
Sunday 20th May 2018

Mindfulness = paying attention to the present moment.

By being more aware of our thoughts and feelings, we can, experts say, improve our mental and physical well-being. Not a passing fad or silly nonsense, the scientific evidence that underpins the practice of mindfulness is strong and growing. Some benefits of mindfulness are:

  • feeling less overwhelmed
  • improved sleep quality
  • a positive change in the way you think and feel about your experiences
  • increased ability to manage difficult situations
  • better choices
  • reduced levels of anxiety
  • reduced levels of depression
  • reduced levels of stress
  • reduced worrying
  • greater self-compassion

All this - by simply stopping to notice what is... Read More