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by Caroline Cameron
Monday 28th May 2018

In January 2018, the National Trust published a report, the results of which proved that places have a powerful effect on us.

More than 2,000 people were interviewed to find out what special places mean to them: for many, childhood memories or a link to loved ones creates a special attachment to a particular place. 

Surprisingly, for over 40% of those surveyed, their meaningful places were recent discoveries.

Whether alone or in company, these are places to relax, enjoy nature, or simply get away from our... Read More

by Caroline Cameron
Saturday 26th May 2018

Ever been told that you can't sing? But always wanted to? Well, now you can!

NOT just for experienced warblers, our Summer Sizzler Singing Weekend (6th-8th July) offers wannabe singers the chance to exercise their vocal cords in the company of friendly and like-minded folk.

Renowned singing teachers Nick Petts* and Jon Conway** will lead us on a musical journey sampling a range of styles from sacred chants to pop anthems. No need to read music; we learn by ear and we practise until we're word-perfect! (well, almost :))

The weekend... Read More

by Robin Shaw
Friday 25th May 2018

Dorset Art Weeks launches tomorrow on Sat 26 May 2018. It's been all hands on deck here at Othona, getting ready for our 4th DAW! We are very excited (and knackered)! Mart Tebbs, who has been exhibiting here since Othona first began participating as a DAW venue in 2012, is featured in the May edition of the very snazzy new mag, Bridport Times, along with other local artists. You can read the magazine online, or pick it up in Bridport venues.

Do come and visit us over the DAW weeks (26 May to 10 June) - for art, cream teas and sea views! You... Read More

by Caroline Cameron
Sunday 20th May 2018

Mindfulness = paying attention to the present moment.

By being more aware of our thoughts and feelings, we can, experts say, improve our mental and physical well-being. Not a passing fad or silly nonsense, the scientific evidence that underpins the practice of mindfulness is strong and growing. Some benefits of mindfulness are:

  • feeling less overwhelmed
  • improved sleep quality
  • a positive change in the way you think and feel about your experiences
  • increased ability to manage difficult situations
  • better choices
  • reduced levels of anxiety
  • reduced levels of depression
  • reduced levels of stress
  • reduced worrying
  • greater self-compassion

All this - by simply stopping to notice what is... Read More

by Caroline Cameron
Sunday 13th May 2018

"Anyone who believes in indefinite growth in anything physical, on a physically finite planet, is either mad or an economist" - Kenneth Boulding (Quaker economist)

Unfortunately, this is not a view which is shared by the majority of our academic institutions or politicians! Economic theory, as taught in British universities, assumes that infinite growth is indeed possible. And although Britain uses approx 66% more resources than is sustainable (according to The Global Footprint Network), almost all our politicians talk about how to get the economy growing again (which inevitably means using more resources): the emphasis is on increasing efficiency, the language that of scarcity, and anything approaching spiritual values is considered irrelevant.

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by Robin Shaw
Thursday 3rd May 2018

Our website is looking and acting a little funny at the moment. Headings aren't in title font, FAQs page and others are showing all the text instead of having dropdown function. Our developers are on the case. But apologies if things are bit difficult to read at the mo!

by Robin Shaw
Saturday 7th April 2018

Here's an interview with Sue Thomas, author and facilitator of Othona's 'NOT a Digital Detox: (How to feel better without logging off)' weekend in May. An opportunity to reflect and rebalance our tech rich (tech challenged?) 21sy century lives!

More nature not less technology key to handling digital overload

Reprinted from Bournmouth Daily Echo 4 April 2018

Human beings need more nature, not less technology.

That's the basis of a new, digital wellbeing retreat at a Dorset retreat later this spring.

Dr Sue Thomas, who was Professor of New Media at De... Read More

by Robin Shaw
Tuesday 6th February 2018


Tumbling and falling fast through a long, dark tunnel

I emerge, confused but exhilarated, into an explosion

Of glorious white light. Startled by its incandescence, I feel

a sense of wonder and awe. A persuasive force

Propels me forward; shadowy figures obscure the scene

but I am pulled irresistibly towards the source of its brilliance:

Peace and joy flood my entire mind and body.

As the scenes of my life unravel before me, I am filled

With the beautiful realisation that... Read More

by Mark James
Tuesday 9th January 2018

On January 4th we undertook some major scrub clearance on the SNCI. Big thanks go out to Nick Gray from the Dorset Wildlife Trust and his team of 21 who turned up to spend the day cutting and burning bramble, hawthorn, blackthorn, dogwood and gorse. Over the years, the scrub has encroached onto the species rich grassland areas smothering the grassland and its associated wildflowers. By clearing the area of scrub, we are hoping that over time the grasses and wildflowers will recolonise these areas and bring them back to their former glories. It will also be interesting to see what, if anything, has survived in the seed bank. Watch this space!!

The following images show the extent of the scrub bashing and the sheer amount of scrub removed on the day. Again, many thanks!

... Read More

by Mark James
Tuesday 9th January 2018

My name is Mark and welcome to my first Othona blog! My intention is to show how the grounds at Othona change throughout the seasons. A quick word about my role at Othona: I worked for 8 years at the Dorset wildlife trust as a botanical surveyor until last July, when I was made redundant and decided to do something completely different, hence here I am! I am now, among the general day to day running of the Community, in charge of maintaining the grounds.

My previous role was to survey Sites of Conservation Interest (SNCI), of which we have an area here at Othona. I would carry out botanical surveys and assess the habitat, and give landowners advice on the best way of managing the sites to retain their ecological interest. These sites vary from Ancient Woodland to meadows, chalk... Read More